About US

Statement of Purpose
The United States National Defense Corps (USNDC) is a Provisional Military Reserve Corps pursuant to, and in compliance with, National Security Decision Directive #259, issued by President Ronald Reagan…


The purpose of the United States National Defense Corps is to meet a need and to fill a potential manpower shortage in case of:


1.  Natural Disasters One has only to reflect at what happened to the citizens of three states as a result of hurricane Katrina. The fact is that as of 2006, more than 90% of our towns and communities were even less prepared than New Orleans was for Katrina.  Many communities and counties had no competent emergency disaster management plan with which to protect, care for or evacuate their citizens.



2.  Terrorism The United States continues to face traditional military and civil challenges emanating from hostile nation states and terrorist groups. These entities will incorporate asymmetric threats into their broader strategies of confrontation with us.  Terrorists will seek to gain surreptitious entry into the United States to conduct mass casualty attacks against Americans on our soil. These attacks will be against large cities, small communities and anywhere the terrorists believe they can create fear of their supremacy.



The citizens who formed the USNDC are retired and prior military.  They realized the best way to meet the primary objective is to make the citizens and our community responsible for themselves and for their neighbors. This means to be prepared for a disaster, each of us needs to be ready and self sufficient.  The best way (as stated by the National Incident Management System) is to be part of an organized, properly trained unit capable of working within the Emergency Management System. The USNDC offers this leadership.  It is our belief that if each of us lends some of our time and talent to our own protection and that of our community we could and would achieve a higher level of protection for all.  Being a “citizen solider” with the USNDC does not have entitlements or the entailments of the regular military components. Instead, like our “founding fathers” it relies on the courage and moral fiber of the volunteer who believes our freedoms and way of life are worth protecting and sacrificing for.



The objective of the USNDC is to establish at the federal level what many states have accomplished within their individual domains; a paramilitary support resource to their states militia.   All states have realized the merit of having a state military defense force, the National Guard. Some states have elected to add a State Guard as well. State Guards are sanctioned paramilitary volunteer organizations used to support and augment the states National Guard. Like the NG, they also come under the authority of Department of Military and Naval Affairs, the State Attorney General and the Governor of that state. Both receive state subsidy. However the principal differences between the two is that the NG personnel are paid for drills and activation and can be federalized. State Guard personnel are not paid and cannot be federalized.


Limitations to the State Guard: The area of operation and responsibility of the State Guards are limited to the State that authorizes their formation. Unfortunately this limits their ability to carry out mission objectives for which they have been well trained- even if and when a catastrophic event takes place elsewhere in the United States.